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On September 26, 2015 Murrah High cadets participated in the Wells Festival from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. We had 41 cadets to attend this event. Our cadets volunteered at different stations and were very helpful as well. The stations included face painting, art making etc. We were mostly volunteers in the children section. Once we finished at each station we had to sign out in order to be documented for our community service hours.

Alcorn State University Homecoming Parade

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The Murrah Mustang Drill Team provided an excellent performance in the Alcorn Homecoming Parade on October 17,2015. After the parade the cadets attended the Alcorn State University Homecoming game. We had approximately had 50 cadets to participate in this event.

Military Jamboree

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The JROTC Department participated in a Military Jamboree on Oct 29, 2015 from 09000-1400 hours at Forest Hill High School. We had approximately 40 cadets who listened to representatives from various military academics and sit in one-on-one sessions with the academics of their choice. The event allowed cadets to become more aware of the requirements to get into academics and the process to apply for military-affiliated scholarships.

Murrah JROTC STEM Team Honored By JPS Board

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On January 5, 2016 the Murrah High School STEM team was honored by the JPS board. Prior to the board meeting, the team won first place overall in JPS, and the winning team, along with selected cadets from all seven JPS JROTC units, was treated to an all-expenses paid trip to Mississippi State University on Saturday, December 5, 2015, for a full day of STEM activities and orientation to the college environment.  The team members were give certificates for their accomplishments by the board.   

Financial Literacy Workshop

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Some of the cadets from Murrah High School participated in the Financial Literacy workshop on October 22, 2015.  Other schools also participated in the workshop such as Callaway, Lanier, and Forest Hill. The cadets were given a real life experience for when they enter the real world.  As in they were given a certain amount of children and salary and they had to learn how to balance the two out as if it was a real life situation. It was a very real life experience for the participating cadets.

2015 JROTC Consolidated Military Gala

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On December 18, 2015 JROTC hosted its annual Military Gala at the Jackson Convention Center. The event was held from 6:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.  Our guest speaker this year was Erica Mallet who was an industrial engineer and graduate from the Georgia Tech University.  She was a very informing and inspirational speaker for the night and we greatly appreciated her time.  After the program was over we preceded to the hall to take our pictures and the dance afterwards.  The event was concluded promptly at 12:00 a.m

Murrah JROTC Excells at MSU STEM 2015 Competition

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A Murrah High School JROTC STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Team won the Mississippi State University (MSU) 2015 STEM Fall Project. The members of the winning team from Murrah were cadets Dajah Barnes, Reshunna Shelby, Chyna Stewart, Alexis Warner, Alexus Stamps and Marquez Wilkerson, the team’s mentor/coach. All seven JPS high schools were represented by at least one team. Murrah, however, entered two teams into the District-wide competition.

The winning team, along with selected cadets from all seven JPS JROTC units, was treated to an all-expenses paid trip to MSU on Saturday, December 5, 2015, for a full day of STEM activities and orientation to the college environment.

Murrah JROTC STEM Winners

STEM Fall Project participants from Murrah and MSU include (from left) JROTC cadets Marquez Wilkerson, Hayley Rucker, Alexis Warner, Reshunna Shelby, Chyna Stewart, Kiara Smith, James Smith, Kamryn Banks, (front center) Alexus Stamps, and Dajah Barnes; STEM facilitators from MSU Ian Detwiller, Brooke Rhodes, and Mary Kate Smith; and Murrah Senior Army Instructor MAJ Robert Morton.

STEM teams analyzed and presented their findings on how energy and innovation can produce resources that can be utilized in lifestyle and industry for this year’s project themed “THE POWER OF AIR.” The project infused education and entrepreneurship in a way that complements the elements of the TECHJXN innovation economy movement.  

"One of the major challenges facing the nation is the need for greater emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics education in our public schools," stated COL Paul Willis, Director of JPS JROTC. "To help address this need, the U.S. Army Cadet Command contracted with MSU to provide a summer STEM residential program and a fall semester learning experience on behalf of Jackson Public Schools JROTC.  The outcome of this five-year partnership has definitely increased cadets’ awareness of STEM academic programs and career fields; inspired academic excellence; increased the desire to continue education beyond high school; increased the desire to pursue STEM-related career opportunities; and enhanced personal leadership and character development.  The yearly STEM project competition has proven to be a great motivator."

The Naval Academy Gospel Choir Comes To Murrah High School

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Murrah High School had the honor of listening to the Naval Academy Gospel Choir perform on January 16, 2015. The Naval Gospel Choir specifically chose to perform at two JPS schools; one being Murrah and the other Jim Hill. The Naval Academy Gospel Choir is an international performing choir, and to have the choir come to Murrah High School was a true honor.

The Naval Academy Gospel Choir is known to perform all over the world; in countries such as Bermuda and South Korea. Directed by Karla Scott, the choir performed various selections, and managed to keep the cadets thoroughly entertained. Choir members came from all different nationalities and unified in a performance of pure enjoyment and spirituality. After the performance, junior and senior cadets had the opportunity to eat lunch with the choir members. Also, cadets had the opportunity to talk with the shipmen about going into the Naval or Marine services and how it will help with life after high school. The choir was absolutely wonderful, and Murrah JROTC will definitely be anticipating another visit soon.

Murrah JROTC Victorious At Fall Competition

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On October 31, 2015 the Murrah High School JROTC drill team went to Jackson State University to participate in the Capital Region North Drill Meet and JPS Academic Competition. The competition was very exciting and held at Jackson State University for JROTC’s Fall Academic Competition. The competition consisted of questions from the JROTC curriculum, ACT and SAT tests, and current events. Not only does the competition bring success, but it also prepares cadets for major tests such as ACT and SAT.

Murrah JROTC succeeded in winning first place overall with a score of 98%. We have a team with the best and brightest! Congratulations cadets on a job well done!

The drill team was also successful in winning first place overall at the North Capital Region Drill/Academic Competition. All seven JPS high schools participated in the competition along with other schools throughout Mississippi. Set on the same day as the academic competition, the drill team showcased their best in six different areas: Personal Inspection, Unarmed Regulation, Armed Regulation, Unarmed Exhibition, Armed Exhibition and Color Guard.

The drill competition gives cadets the opportunity to demonstrate leadership and practice discipline. Drill also demonstrates teamwork and unity. We are extremely proud of our drill team!

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